Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I love the colors of Halloween. The orange and black make me feel cheery.

What does not make me feel cheery is coming up with Halloween costumes for the kids. This year, I told them they had to come up with a costume on their own, with things we had around the house.
Carson was a B-Boxing Dude. ($0)

Nyah was an 80s Prom Queen. (dress from DI for $10)

Ian was a "girl". (wore all of Nyah's clothes and a creepy wig. $0)

Can you tell they are loving themselves?!

Halloween was not so fun. Freezing cold temperatures. Rain. Hail. Trick-or-treating lasted 10 minutes.

Cali got to go to a fun Halloween dance with some friends. They dressed up like mimes. Here they are in character.

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