Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trip to Indiana

The first week of school was different for me this year. I was in Indiana visiting my sister, Dabney, instead of in Utah sending my kids off to school.

Can I just say, that I LOVE being an aunt. Aaron and I are both the oldest children in our families, so our kids are quite a bit older than the rest of the cousins. Thus, I had to wait a while to feel the perks of "aunthood". I think it must be kind of like being a parent. You get to give treats to the kids, play with them alot, and not worry about setting a "good" example. It is the best!!

While in Indiana, I got to do Sarah's hair in the mornings before school.

I also got to go to Eli's soccer game! He is a rockstar!

Dabney and I did some house projects (reorganizing, redecorating, etc . . .). Here are the results:
The Kitchen

The Dining Room

Sarah's Bedroom (cute new froggy theme)

Best of all, I got to spend some sweet "catch up" time with my sister, Dabs. I love you, Dabneezer! Thanks for the trip!


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Inspiration Station said...

Sarah is just darling! What a great sister and aunt you are. The redecorating looks so good Vanessa!