Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Now Have a 15 Year Old DAUGHTER!!

Time flies. Whether you are having fun or not. Ha! Ha! I just crack myself up sometimes.

Anywho . . .

My eldest child, who did not fall out of my womb, but instead stayed inside for 36 torturous hours before the doctor finally had to forcibly remove her with forceps . . .

turned 15 years old yesterday!!

Here's what I love about my oldest gal.
1) She does not pretend to be happy.
2) She has a gorgeous smile and a great laugh.
3) She is super conscientious. I rarely have to remind her to do anything.
4) She makes great desserts. I don't know where she got her love of chocolate chip cookies from . . . but I'm not complaining.
5) She loves fashion, always looks adorable, and pays for most of her own wardrobe!
6) She is a hardworker. She would've worked 24/7 at Seven Peaks this summer if they would've let her.
7) She is smart. She doesn't need any help with homework. :)
8) She loves music. (I do too!)
9) She still takes piano lessons -- and likes it!
10) She has a great relationship with her siblings (most of the time)
11) She always remembers to thank her mom for dinner.
12) She loves to write in her journal. (she's the only child I don't have to threaten)
13) She gets her Grandpa Markie's sense of humor.
14) She likes to sit around and hang with the adults in the family.
15) She looks like her mom. Ha! Ha! I know she hates it when people tell her that!

Cali was very blessed this year in the gift department. This was the gear she hauled in:
A zebra picture from Uncle Josh for her bedroom!

Money and cupcake book from Grandma Sue and Grandpa David. Cali does love money!

Money from Grandpa Markie. Wow. That girl loves money!

A new hair straightener, makeup, shoes, jewels from her mom and dad. She wished it was money!

A chandelier from Grandma Joannie! Very cool. Grandma also took Cali on a Grandma date the day before: shopping at IKEA and the mall, dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, and an Agatha Christie play. Spoiled!!

The look of a super-thrilled 15 year old surrounded by her embarrassing family! We love you, Cali!


Melissa said...

Cali is beautiful! I'm glad she had a fun birthday & what a great picture for her bedroom. I love the blue in her room!

I'm so glad you guys had such a neat experience when Ian recieved the priesthood- that's something I'm really looking forward to with our boys. You have a beautiful family!

Calee said...

Haha, I love Carson's face in the dollar bill pic!

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