Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Stories in the News

One of the top news stories today on MSN was about "cheesy" smelling men. The article was written by an M.D. for Harvard Health Publications, so it must be legit. Have any of you ever dealt with this problem?

Q: In the last three months, my husband has started sweating profusely when he is asleep. His sweat has a strong cheesy smell and I can no longer tolerate it. His hygiene is perfect. He is in his fifties. I'm afraid this could be a sign of something serious. What can it be?

A: Night sweats are very common and most often the cause is not serious. The cheesy smell also is not unusual. Some Swiss researchers actually studied the smell of sweat in men and women. Sweaty men tended to smell like cheese, while sweaty women smelled like onions or grapefruit.

Sidenote: If Aaron ever starts to smell like cheese, I will NOT tolerate it. I love cheese, but only on sandwiches.

Another headliner in the news is the nation's concern over the recent outbreak of Swine Flu. An article on MSN said the best way to protect yourself is to increase your distance from others in social situations. For those of you who live in my neighborhood, please don't take offense when I don't answer the door or if I stand about 10 feet away from you on the sidewalk during a conversation. It's not you -- and it's not that you smell like cheese, onions, or grapefruit -- I just don't want to take any chances on catching the Pig Influenza!!

Sidenote: They have doctor's face masks on sale this week at Albertsons (a pack of 100 for only $8). You better hurry down to pick some up. It's the new rage in fashion.


Jeff said...


Does this mean you will be running on the treadmill with a mask on now? What about wearing one when you are running outside pass all the farms with pigs? This will be to funny see everyone at the gym with masks, running and trying to breath. I'll take my chance and for go the masks for now.


Michelle said...

LOL!! You are too funny!

Melissa said...

Yay! We have something to look forward to about getting old! My dad turns 50 this year. I'll have to ask my mom if he is starting to smell like cheese. :) ha ha ha

Memzy said...

Well it all depends on what KIND of cheese tho. Jack? Not too bad. Parmesan? Ewe.

Stina said...

I wish my sweat smelled like grapefruit!