Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mom, It's Not a Candle!!

We celebrated Josh's birthday on Easter Sunday. He decided to shake things up a bit and chose to have "cow" instead of the traditional "pig" for his Easter/B-Day dinner. After our plates were picked clean, we got ready for the "cake". Josh went out on a limb again and chose a giant chocolate chip cookie instead of the usual Betty Crocker cake mix. I realized I was out of candles, so mom ran home to grab some.

When she returned, I was shocked to see her trying to poke a long stick into the "cake." When she lit it, I smelled a strong odor, like incense, being pumped through the kitchen. What in the world was in that stick? We sang "Happy Birthday" quickly, as we saw the giant stick candle starting to topple over. Josh blew and blew to get the flame out.

Upon closer examination of the candle stick, Josh looked at Mom and said, "Mom, this is one of the chopsticks I bought you as a souvenir from Taiwan! What in the world?!" Josh has to understand, when it's your b-day, your Mom will do just about ANYTHING to put a candle on your cake, except break the Sabbath to buy some real candles -- even if it means burning up a missionary memento from Taiwan. Happy Birthday, Josh!


Caleb said...

What in the world? Did it have a wick on it?

Vanessa said...

No wick. Just stick!

The Heaton's said...

I love reading your posts! They crack me up! You guys have the funnest family! Lots of laughs at your place!

Mary Todd said...

Dear Vanessa,

It's Saturday afternoon and all is quiet in the orninthology department as most of the crew are out hiking and working on nature reports for their various journal submissions.

Just a note regarding the Easter Bunny or in our department known affectionately as Oryctolagus cuniculus. You might be interested in letting your children know that the reason Easter Bunny's are pink is because of all the Pepto Bismo they have to drink following the consumption of carrots, milk and starbursts. FYI--my husband has similar episodes of gas letting and it is absolutely disgusting:(

Is Josh your brother? My husband (same one as above) served a mission in Taiwan and placed a similar candle on my birthday cake. The only problem was when I lit the darn thing it turned out to be a roman candle; shot straight up in the air, bounced off four walls and nearly killed me. Is there something I am not getting about our relationship? Please advise.


henryteachers said...

Oh, no tell your mom she is always welcome to borrow a real candle from across the street next time! :) So funny!