Saturday, April 4, 2009

Comment of the Day

After the male cashier at Bath & Body Works rang up my purchase he asked, "Ma'am, would you like a bag for your pump soaps?"

In my head: "No, Sir! I would not like a bag. I am going to carry all 6 of these soaps one mile through the mall while I continue shopping and then another mile back to my car. I'm not trying to conserve paper here! Give me a bag!!"

Out loud: "Yes. I'd like a bag, please."

After he loaded the soaps into the 2 cent paper bag, he said, "Ma'am, may I get your phone number?"

In my head: "Why would Bath & Body Works need my phone number? Maybe they want to take a survey asking customers whether or not bags are really a necessity!"

Out loud: "No, Sir! I am not comfortable giving out my phone number!"

I grabbed my purchases and ran out of the store before he could ask me for his bag back!


henryteachers said...

I wouldn't be surprised if he was trying to hit on you. Hee Hee.

Our Family said...

Next he was going to ask for you email address. Trust me I know, they asked me for both when I bought my 6 soaps yesterday! :)

Stina said...

You tell the funniest stories! He really wanted the phone number cause you are one hot momma! Ow ow!

Reggie said...

funny story! I dont think you called me the wrong name in costco...or at least i didnt catch it!

Mary Todd said...

Dear Vanessa,

Our group read with interest your recent adventure at the "Bath and Body Works." Might I suggest an environmentally friendly cloth bag that you can fold and carry in your purse. Not only will you save a tree but you will always have something to carry your valuable purchases in. Mr. Gore would be very proud of you.


Stina said...

Sorry about the scary movie! I've given them up. And you know what? I sleep better. I actually feel safe in my home. And, I don't think about ghosts and scary men...although a scene from 6th sense is still with me.

And, I pulled a dumb joke on Brent last night and thought it was hilarious! I texted people on his phone pretending to be him. When he came home, I had to close the door to the bathroom so he couldn't see me trying not to laugh. Oh! I thought I was so funny!

BushlingX7 said...

I love bath and body works. Maybe he was so bored he had to come up with different ways to entertain himself. Kenny took me to the movies too and he really wanted to see Knowing. I like Nicholas cage and agreed to it. I DO NOT like horor movies either. I screamed in the middle and I will never watch it again. I also will never leave my children in the car just to run in the gas station to get a drink no matter what the weather or how inconvenient it maybe. I will also never let my kids participate in a time capsule event.

Vanessa said...

I'm glad you agree with my review Marci! So funny!