Friday, April 10, 2009

Men are Cows!!

I walked by the bathroom a minute ago. The door was open, and Ian was sitting on the pot. I tried to continue along my merry way, holding my breath of course, when Ian said, "Guess what, Mom? Men have udders!" I was in shock for a minute, trying to make this strange connection, when it hit me.

"You mean men have one udder, right, Ian?"

He contemplated that for a moment, chuckled, and replied, "Oh, yeah!"

I just can't wait to see what sort of adults my children are going to turn out to be!


homegirl said...

That is too funny! Boys sure are gross, I wish I had one! :)

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Oh, the stories I could tell you... having a house FULL of boys, it seems like most conversations revolve around this topic. SO FUNNY!

Mary Todd said...

Dear Vanessa,

What could have been an udder catastrophe turned out to be a real teaching moment.

I have forwarded your blog site to the U of U AG department. The folks in the milking barn have a warped sense of humor. Keep the stories coming. We're keeping a scrapbook.


Vanessa said...

It seems that you have a wealth of connections. It is so nice to know that you know someone that can help me out with literally ANY animal topic: birds, cows . . . I think my next entry will be about rabbits (Easter). Please be ready to advise!

Mary Todd said...

Dear Vanessa,

Thank you for your faith in my abilities. Although I work in the ornithology department and am a trained ornithologist here at the U of U, my major in college was math with an emphasis on multiplication tables.

May I suggest that you do not get your children such pets as rabbits (Easter Bunnies included), hamsters, white mice, etc. if you intend to buy both a male and a female of the same species. These pets tend to multiply at an alarming rate. The suitable solution would be to buy your children a pair of elephants, camels, or rhinos so that the kiddies can have a lifetime of enjoyment, and few offspring to take care of. Your children might even pursue careers as acrobats or clowns in the Ringling Bro’s Circus.


PS—Vanessa, please do not forward this message to PETA. This organization even wants “The Petshop Boys” to change their name to “Treat Animals With Kindness,” (TAWK).

Stina said...

Great observation!

The Heaton's said...

What a funy story! That Ian cracks me up! The things kids come up with!

Jeffrey said...

Vanessa, Ian is a funny boy. I have three of them myself and most boys have this great insight and will mostly group up to be great men. I could not find a way to just email you the information about my trainer and training for Ragnar. Here is one of my email addresses you can respond to so I can get you the information.

Funny stuff, I raise beef cattle and I have yet to see an udder on bull. Haha.