Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Sure Got Our Money's Worth!!

Carson went to SuperCuts yesterday to get a fresh haircut. He showed the lady a picture of a "scalped" boy in the HairBook. She looked at me and asked, "Are you sure you want it this short?"

Under my breath, so Carson couldn't hear, I replied, "Oh, no! We just want it trimmed up on the sides and long enough on top to spike up! I want it much longer than the photo!"

Well I must have spoken a little too quietly, because Carson's hair ended up even shorter than the photo he'd picked out. We sure got our money's worth!

Last night in the bathtub, Carson started screaming when I started to put shampoo in his hair. "Don't wash it! I don't want it to get longer!"

I hate to tell Carson this, but it is going to take about 50 washings before his noggin' grows any more hair on it!


The Heaton's said...

Carson sure looks handsome, short hair and all!

Lohra said...

Not to accuse you of being dramatic (I would never) but when you said "scalped" I imagined...army buzzcut. Besides, how could you resist that smile?