Friday, February 27, 2009

Grandmas Are Wonderful!

Ian went on a "Grandma Date" last night -- one on one time with Grandma Joannie. Time to bond. Time to talk about the important things in life.

Well, when Ian walked in the door last night with a big smile on his face, I knew his date with Grandma J. had gone well. I was so excited to hear about their time together. One of Ian's first comments once he walked in the door was, "Hey, Mom! Did you know you swallow about a liter of snot everyday?"

"No, Ian. I didn't know that."

"Well, did you know that fresh urine is cleaner than spit?"

"No, Ian. I didn't know that either. What in the world were you and Grandma talking about on your date?"

Well, it turns out that Grandma Joannie took Ian to a "Gross" Activity at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. They did all sorts of "gross" things like pulling apart regurgitated owl pellets and picking out the mouse skull and bones from the fur ball the owl had spit out. Ian brought home all the bones and the skull in a baggy for all of us to look at. I have honestly never wanted to see what owls regurgitate!

Ian also made a meal worm farm. We get to watch the meal worms eat an apple and oatmeal and turn into a black beetle. What fun!! I have a bad feeling that the container is going to be opened on my bed (by accident) and I will have meal worms crawling in my sheets!

Ian said they also had a burping contest. Each contestant had to drink a can of rootbeer and let out the biggest burp they could. Well, Ian doesn't like rootbeer (of course!). It didn't matter though. Ian won for the "best dry burp". Disgusting!!

Ian also got to give a booger picking survey to complete strangers. He would walk up to the strangers and say, "Hi, my name is Ian. Can I ask you some questions for a survey?" I'm sure Ian looked pretty innocent, so they'd agree. Then Ian would ask, "Do you pick your nose?" If the person answered affirmatively, Ian would then ask, "Do you eat your boogers?" Ian surveyed 16 people, most of whom were adults. He found 4 people that were self-admitted booger eaters. I am so glad we don't live in the Lehi/American Fork area where we might end up running into the nose pickers Ian interviewed.

To top off the evening with Grandma, Ian went to the Golden Corral for dinner. I have some strong reasons for not ever going to buffets: I don't know when to stop eating, I feel sick from overeating, I don't know when to stop eating . . . Thus, Ian has never stepped foot inside the Golden Corral before. When he came home last night he said, "Mom, why haven't we ever been to the Golden Corral? It is my new favorite restaurant!" Some of you may not know this, but we are thinking about entering Ian into some eating contests. No, he doesn't like desserts, but, the boy can put down more meat and "main dish" than anyone I've ever seen. This is what he ate last night:

1st plate: "Lots of mashed potatoes with light and dark gravy, trout (or some other mystery fish), scallops, and shrimp."

2nd plate: "Spaghetti with red sauce, more scallops and shrimp covering the top of the spaghetti."

3rd plate (Ian's dessert): "A huge plate of mac & cheese."

The whole time Ian was telling me about his meal, he was fingering the bones and skull through his owl pellet baggie. It was enough to make me want to regurgitate.

Ian and Grandma Joannie definitely bonded last night. Thanks, Grandma Joannie for helping Ian to become such a fine young man! We are so proud!!

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Stina said...

My mom does dates with the kids too. The gross activity sounds like a great idea. I'm glad you received such an education!!!