Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm Losing It!

     I think I lost some brain cells when I turned 39.

     Last Wednesday when I got home from school, I realized I had forgotten to put on a bra that morning.  I had gone all day free as a bird.  Thank goodness I wore a cardigan over my dress!

     Then on Saturday, I was making myself a grilled cheese and buffalo chicken sandwich on the stovetop.  I flipped that sandwich about 5 times, but it just wasn't browning.  Then I realized that I'd never even turned the burner on.

     This morning, I put on my running clothes and then sat down on the toilet to use the restroom.  I suddenly realized, I was sitting on the pot and I had forgotten to pull my pants down.

     I'd like to blame all of these mistakes on my increasing age, but I think the reality is . . . I need more sleep.


1 comment:

Pat said...

Go to sleep, go to sleep, stay asleep my elder sister...