Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FHE at Hebers = Complete Lack of Reverence

     Ian taught the Family Home Evening lesson last night.  The topic was the Doctrine of Christ.  He has to teach about this topic to his Sunday School class this Sunday, so we thought he'd better practice the lesson on us first.

     His introduction to the lesson went something like this . . .

     "Tell me what you know about the Doctrine of Christ."


     "Okay.  Let's read some scriptures about the Doctrine of Christ."

     This took about 20 minutes.

     Cali said, "This is the longest Family Home Evening lesson ever!"

     Next, Ian split us into missionary teams so we could prepare a quick picture/diagram and lesson about one of the Doctrines of Christ.

     Carson and I chose Baptism.  I let him draw the picture and didn't look at it very carefully before we stood up to share.  I began a serious monologue about what baptism is.  Then Carson interrupted me and said to the family, "See the people watching the baptism?  They are saying, 'Is that a shark?!' See the shark!  It's going to eat the boy getting baptized!"  All semblance of order was lost.

     Next, came Aaron and Cali.  Their topic was Enduring to the End.  Aaron has never claimed to be an artist, but this is a true masterpiece.  He drew a picture of the turtle and the hare.  He then told the story . . . "Once upon a time, there was a rabbit and a hare . . ."
"What?!" everyone went berserk.  "A rabbit is a hare, Dad!"  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!

      Finally, Nyah taught about Repentance.  She told a story of a little girl, named Bobette, who cut off a patch of her friend, Angie's hair.  No one could stop laughing.  Each time she said the name, Bobette, there were roars of laughter.  Bobette ended up repenting of her dreadful hair-cutting sin during the story, but I'm not sure if anyone was paying attention.

Poor Ian.  I sure hope his Sunday School class is a better audience than his family!!

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Pat said...

Hahaha. God will bless you with kids who love each other thanks to these special times together!