Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We Tricked Ya!

On Father's Day it is a tradition to make something indescribably delicious for breakfast.  This year, we decided to see how Aaron would react if we served him generic Rice Krispies instead of the usual yumminess!
Here is Aaron coming up the stairs to see what deliciousness awaits him this year!

Here is the fakeout breakfast we had set up on the counter!

Dad has his disappointed face on.  The kids thought they were hilarious!

We had the REAL breakfast set up outside on the patio.

French toast casserole and 2 lbs. of bacon.

Later that afternoon, we had yet another meal.  All the mens' favorites:  grilled meats, homemade mac&cheese, 2 desserts . . .  Father's Day is all about the food . . .
and the FAMILY!!

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