Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nestle 5K

I did it!  I finally convinced the ENTIRE family to run a race!!  Actually I didn't convince them.  I signed them all up and told them we were going to do it.  Friday night, I reminded Aaron that the race was the next morning.  "What?!  Seriously?!"  SERIOUSLY.

Carson and I ran the race together the whole way.  In fact, we held hands the whole way.  It was the best!!  He never stopped running once -- even up the big hill.  Some comments during the race from fellow runners to Carson:  "Good job, little guy!" and "Way to go BLUE!"  I think it made him feel really good, but he refused to look at those that spoke to him.  He just kept on truckin'!
I tried to motivate Carson at the 2 mile mark by saying, "Carson, they have ice cream bars for us at the end of the race.  Just one more mile to go!"
Carson's reply was, "That's not much motivation.  I'm burning all these calories running, and you just want me to eat those calories at the end of the race?!"  I think I've created a monster!!  Time:  31:40

Aaron and Ian stuck together during the race.  They motivated each other every step of the way.  In fact, I found out later that Aaron REALLY motivated Ian.  "If you run this 5K in under 30 minutes, I'll take you to Tucanos "(the all-you-can-eat Brazilian grill).  Time:  29:10.

Nyah and Cali did an AMAZING job too!!  They decided to run their own race.  For some reason, neither of them wanted to hold my hand during the race!  I am so proud of my family.  

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Inspiration Station said...

Very cool V that you got the whole family running together.