Monday, November 21, 2011

Trick-or-Treaters Beware

"Strange" doesn't even begin to explain our Halloween this year.

Dad dressed up as a "witch". His body was covered by a sheet. His face was painted, he wore a 100 year old wig, his hands were stuck in boots and set on a table so he looked like a scary hobgoblin. Children walked up to the table, knowing he was going to scare them, and were terrified when he yelled things like, "Come up here you little Rats. I'm going to put you in my stew!" One child fell off our porch, knocking a pumpkin off the steps as he toppled down. Luckily, he wasn't from our neighborhood and his parents weren't with him! Parents and children alike, were both alarmed and terrified by my father. Many trick-or-treaters thought it was my husband dressed up as the scary witch. My dear husband was actually inside, hiding, as not to be embarrassed by my dad's antics.

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