Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ian's 7th Grade Physical

We decided to be "on the ball" and get Ian's 7th grade physical nice and early. He got three shots, talked to the doctor about his sore knees and nose, and got a THOROUGH examination.

I was educated today about the "turn your head and cough" exam. Dr. _______ said, "Mom, please close your eyes." I saw him slip on a rubber glove and quickly shut my eyes so as not to witness the much talked about "ball examination". I heard the doctor say, "Turn your head and cough." Ian gave a wimpy cough so he had to cough a 2nd time. Poor guy. Dr._______ then told us the truth about the dreaded exam. "Do you know why doctors really make boys turn their head before they cough?"

"Ummm. No," I replied. I thought it was something about getting the balls to hang to one side or something, but didn't say so.

"It's so the boys/men don't cough on the doctor! There is no other reason!" The doctor got a big chuckle out of his "doctor secret"!

What other secrets are doctors keeping from me? Maybe I really didn't have to push to get the babies out during labor. Perhaps they could've just pulled those 8-9 lb. monsters out.

Maybe doctors only swab my throat for the strep test as a joke to see how much I gag. Who knows what tidbits doctors have been keeping from me all these years!

Needless to say, I was educated today. Ian was a brave boy and said, "Was that all?" after his shots. Hopefully Jr. High will be as easy for Ian as his physical!


Heidi said...

Doctors think they are so funny. I'm glad to hear Ian did so well. Your family is so cute. I hope you keep feeling better~

Pat said...

I've had to "turn my head and cough" 10-12 times in my life and no doctor has ever had anything constructive to say afterwards. It's usually just followed by a few moments of awkward silence.