Monday, March 21, 2011

He Likes It?!

Remember the Life Cereal commercial where the 2 brothers are looking at the "suspicious looking new cereal" and then get their kid brother, Mikey, to try it first? When he eats it, he loves it and the 2 older brothers exclaim, "He likes it!" Well, we had an experience the other day that had about . . . two, one . . . well, basically NO similarities to the Life Cereal experience.

Some background information: my mom loves to save money on food. She will eat ANY leftover, as long as it doesn't have mold growing on it. In the case of split pea soup, it might even go down the hatch WITH mold on it!!

So, when Mom came over to our house with a tub of suspicious looking meat and said, "Will you and Aaron try this and let me know what you think?!" I was slightly concerned. I felt that I needed some information before ingesting the substance so I asked a few questions:

"Where did the meat come from, Mom?"
-a neighbor

"Why didn't you try it?"
-I did. I took a little nibble.

"Why do you want Aaron and I to try it then?"
-I thought it would be great for tacos on Sunday for dinner.

"When was it cooked?"
-I think on Thursday. (It was now Saturday).

"Who is the neighbor that cooked it?" I needed a name.
-Well . . . she didn't cook it. The lunch ladies at school cooked it.

"What?! What school do they work at?"
-(I'm not going to divulge this answer in case of a lawsuit. Suffice it to say, it is not the school my kids attend).

"Why are they getting rid of the meat?"
-They had a lot of leftovers. (It's no wonder!)

"What's in this meat?"
-My best guess is some sort of ground beef mixed with some other ingredients . . .maybe beans.

Well, when I opened the container, I almost passed out from the repellant odor. It was putrid. I decided to play a little game with my family called . . . "What does this look like, what does this smell like?"

I warmed up a small bowl of the "meat" and began the game. Some neighbor kids showed up, so they decided to participate as well.

"Ok, kids. I want you to take a look at what's in the bowl here and then fill in the blanks to these statements:

It looks like _______________ and it smells like ________________. Ready. Set. Go."

Cali: "It looks like poop and playdough mixed together and it smells like a sewer."

Neighbor #1: "It smells like my mom's sloppy joe and it tastes like . . . (before I could stop him he lifted up the spoon and took a bite), it tastes like . . . dog poop!" He had to eat some rice krispy treats and rinse his mouth out with water to get rid of the taste!

Nyah: "It looks like poop and it smells like poop!"

Neighbor #2: "It looks like throw up and smells like tacos."

After all of these positive reviews, Aaron and I both decided NOT TO TRY THE MEAT! We did find someone that enjoyed it though!

Needless to say, WE did not have this for Sunday dinner!


Dainon said...

Such gratuitous use of the word "poop"! I'm constantly having to "unblock" your blog from the Family Safety Filter.... ;)

Glad you didn't eat it.

Nicole, Paul, Ike and Aubs said...

Oh yuck! Mystery food creeps me out. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Poor kids that show up in the luchroom with growling tummies only to be handed a tray of poop! Why are the schools serving our kids poop tacos? Come on now.