Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just a Normal Day in the Crazy House

Today was just a normal day . . .

Cali played a Concerto with her teacher, Cyrena, at the Sonatina Festival.

We drove up to Orem to shop at Xpedex, my new favorite store. They have the coolest selection of envelopes -- if you're ever in the market! Ha! Ha! Aaron kept groaning and saying, "How much longer are we going to be in this store?!" He's such a trooper.

We went and ate lunch at Carraba's to celebrate Cali's performance at the recital. We had a gift card, so we went all out . . . an appetizer, sodas . . . Usually when the kids try to order sodas at a restaurant, I give them the evil eye and they quickly change their order to water. But not today. Ian gave his meal a perfect 10!

Next we headed to a fancy Stamp Store to pick up some items for a Scout Merit Badge. Fun, fun!! The owner of the shop was nice but VERY quiet. I guess that's to be expected when you hang out with stamps all day long.

WalMart was the next stop. The girls had a list. The boys had a list. The race began. The girls got sidetracked at the clothing section. The boys won!!

Cali got called back for the Winner's Recital -- Top 10! She got to play her concerto again!

Aaron baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for me so I could go listen to Cali play at the festival.

Ian sorted 100s of stamps by country and loaded them into a binder.

The evening ended with a little homemade pencil making. Don't ask!

All in all -- just a "normal" Saturday at the Heber house.


Stina said...

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished. What Saturday isn't complete without a trip to WalMart?

And, there's a show I think you should go on--it's called Mantracker and I'm hooked now. Check it out--Science Channel.

And, I heard a quote today made me think of you, "It's impossible to catch legs like that!"

bryan said...

Sorry to be a downer, but I generally frown upon pumpkin products...that includes cookies and pie. I think our thanksgiving this year is going to see a home made apple pie. It's going to be great.