Saturday, October 31, 2009

To Trick or To Treat . . . that is the question.

Our week started out with Halloween school parties on Wednesday. Children are not allowed to wear masks to school, so Ian had to come up with a quick alternative. He ended up going as Russell from the movie, "Up." No one knew who he was. Ian came home from school and said, "Of course no one knew who I was. I wasn't chubby enough!" He almost refused to carry the chocolate bar (which Russell does in the movie) because even touching chocolate is disgusting to Ian!

Nyah dressed up as an Arabian princess and Carson was a Ninja for the 2nd year in a row. He's really stuck on any sort of sword fighting. Unfortunately, he couldn't wear his mask to school or carry a sword! Outfit -- revised!

We had various Halloween parties to dress up again for on Thursday and Friday. By the time Saturday rolled around for trick-or-treating, everyone was a little bit tuckered out. We decided to do it for the candy, and put the outfits on one more time. Ian chose to opt out of trick-or-treating this year. He sat on the stairs with the bowl of candy and scared all of the children with his mask and high pitched scream. Children were frightened, adults were slightly annoyed, but Ian had a blast! I think it was his favorite Halloween so far -- no candy and lots of scares!

Best costume of the night goes to our neighbor who dressed up as the house in "Up." Absolute genius!


Dainon said...

That's a well decorated sash for an 11 year old scout! (Is it really Ian's?) Having a second year ninja must be convenient! Finding costumes for everyone every year is a pain. I'm glad April deals with it. Poor Zach ends up being any one of about a dozen hand-me-down costumes that have been collected over the years.

Christine Schultz said...

Wait, who was in the house? That is awesome! And I loved your comment about Ian scaring the children! Too funny!

The Heaton's said...

Ian was extremely entertaining! At first I thought Ian was singling out all the girls because of all the high pitched screams! After a few minutes I realized it was Ian! Sooo funny! Lots of laughs! Does he have a voice after all that? The best was Lisa D. Oh my goodness I am still laughing! Have to agree, Alan's costume was fabulous!