Thursday, October 22, 2009

HIghlights of Arizona

Picked up at airport by Krissy! What a happy reunion!

Mom played Ruth's grand piano and got tips! I really wish I would've kept taking lessons!

Went to Kristin and Brian's gorgeous apartment for baked ziti. Yummy!!

Posed by random license plate for pictures. Got some strange looks from onlookers.

My favorite part of the trip was eating and lounging. Here we are lounging on a white coach at "Blanco" restaurant before stuffing our faces with some fabulous Mexican fare.

Mom's meal was the most interesting: literally, a MOUNTAIN of salad!

Biehly cooked the best dinner: chicken cakes, bleu cheese potatoes, and glazed pear salad. If I invite you over for dinner and serve this, you'll know I really love you!

Hanging out on campus with Brian and Kristin. I've really got to get back into school. In some sick, twisted way, I miss cramming for tests!

After all that rest and relaxation, I returned to Spanish Fork to find the whole house SICK! At least I was well rested from all the shopping, eating, and lounging. Vacation is fabulous -- but boy, it's nice to come home!! (If you noted any sarcasm in that statement . . . well . . .)

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Pat said...

Was Mom smiling, cringing, or crying in the Mountain of Salad photo?