Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grandparent Day

The kindergartners celebrated "Grandparent Day" at school, put on a singing performance for all the grannies and grandpas, and then got to eat a sack lunch with their loving relatives.

The funniest part was when Carson's teacher revealed how old the kindergartners had guessed their grandparents to be. Most of those in attendance were in their 50s and 60s. Some of the children guessed that their grandpa or grandma was 100 years old. Nothing like a little boost for the self-esteem when you've taken time off of work to see your grandkid perform! Luckily Carson guessed that Grandma Joannie is 60. She would've preferred 30, but we'll take it!

When we went into the cafeteria to hear the children sing, I kept smelling a horrible fishy smell in the near vicinity. "Boy, cafeterias stink!" I thought to myself. It turns out, the smell was the popcorn chicken I had brought for Grandma Joannie and Carson's lunch. I need to apologize to everyone sitting at our table. I guess popcorn chicken is better eaten RIGHT away before its true odor reveals itself.

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