Monday, September 21, 2009

Cali's Real Birthday!

Yesterday was Cali’s 14th Birthday. I got up at 6 a.m. to make muffins, decorate the house, and hide money for a treasure hunt. Climbing onto the stool to hang up crepe paper was excruciating on my quads, but so worth seeing the smile on her face!

I decided since she was turning 14, I’d hide her b-day money in really hard to find spots. We usually take it easy on the kids for treasure hunts, but I knew she’d enjoy the challenge. I found out later, no one likes to look around the house for an hour – even if they are searching for money! Lesson learned.

Grandma Joannie, Grandpa Markie, and Josh all came over to enjoy Cali’s b-day dinner: grilled chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, asparagus, rolls, and Earthquake Cake. Yummy!! We all agreed we’d like to have a b-day dinner every Sunday!

After dinner, Carson told Cali he had a special surprise for her. “Cali, for your b-day present, I’m going to let you sleep on the pink futon on the floor right next to my bed!” Now, the pink futon is a 20- year- old piece of ¼ inch foam that people sleep on in emergencies! Carson felt like he was really giving Cali a treat though!

Being a sweetheart, Cali said, “Carson, I think I’ll take a rain check and sleep by you this weekend when I don’t have to get up so early for school.” Carson gladly accepted the offer.

Cali, thanks for being such a super-de-duper, fabulous, on-the-ball, kind, loving, considerate, helpful, truly outstanding daughter and sister! I am truly blessed to have you in my life! Love ya!

Cali in her new b-day robe with Nyah and Hugh Hefner!

Cali getting ready to blow out her candles. Ian, being a clown!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Cali! I can't believe she is 14! I feel like I came over yesterday to welcome her in Y.W. She is such a beautiful girl! I'm also glad that my kids aren't that only ones that make funny faces for pictures. ;)

The Heaton's said...

Happy B-day Cali! What a beautiful young lady! Hope her day was super special!

Memzy said...

You are a SUPER woman!! With that marathon and then the birthday mom stuff. I can't keep up!

Christine Schultz said...

I can't believe you were even able to climb up on a stool after the marathon. You are ONE DEDICATED mom! p.s. I cracked up when I saw the last picture of Ian!

bryan said...

Happy birthday to Cali! That sunday dinner sounds awesome....I'm going to have to figure out a way for Kristin and I to get back up to Utah to get in on the dinner action again.

Lohra said...

Congrats on the marathon!! Your heart is going to thank you one day...though your colon may not. Which is a perfect time to say you know I'd love to come to dinner sometime. I don't even mind contributing! I also thought you should know I learned 9 Crimes on the guitar. We could share secrets. I can't wait to hear everything you're learning!