Friday, September 4, 2009

No More Webelos!

Well, folks I did it! I mean, Ian did it! Ha! Ha! He finally earned his Arrow of Light. He stood on one side of the bridge as a silly, immature, not fully vested Webelo, and walked across the bridge to become a completely serious, dedicated, hardworking 11 year-old Scout.

One of the best moments during the ceremony, was when Bro. Casper gave him a handmade Webelos hanger to put all of his pins on. It is a rather large, blue Webelos shaped piece of felt that Ian has already hung on his bedroom wall. When Bro. Casper presented it to Ian, Ian promptly hung it around his neck. This was definitely not an appropriate course of action. Remember though, he was still the immature Webelo at this point. He then had to march across the bridge (which was too narrow for Ian to get over) with the wide wall hanging around his body. I couldn't stop the chuckles!

Because Ian has advanced, he now gets to spend a couple nights a week earning merit badges, just like Russell in the movie, "Up." Unfortunately, Russell didn't tell us in the movie about how painful the work is for each merit badge. I am now begging Ian to go back to Cub Scouts. Pack Nights are a lot less painful than this Merit Badge stuff. I would say, "Watch out Eagle here we come!" but I think I better just say, "First Aid Merit Badge here we come." I don't want to be too optimistic!

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BushlingX7 said...

You are so lucky your scout troop is so good. Zach didn't even have anything special for the arrow of light or the cross over. It was just a simple pack meeting.