Thursday, June 4, 2009

This was the best day of my life! Thursday in San Diego

"Here, Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!"

On Tuesday, Aaron took Ian and Nyah fishing for the afternoon on the pier outside our condo. They couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had, even though they didn't even get a nibble. The highlight of their fishing trip was the fish tacos they ate from The Tin Fish (a restaurant located at the end of the pier). They couldn't wait to go "fishing" again (I think they thought they'd get to buy fish tacos everytime they fished!).

Aaron met an old man on the pier that day who was pulling in fish after fish. The guy's secret was his hand tied lines that had about ten hooks running along each one. Aaron bought one of his lucky lines for the bargain price of $4. He knew that line was going to help them catch some fish the next time.

Well, today was the big day -- the kids' 2nd fishing trip -- and this time, they were prepared with the lucky line.

Aaron took Ian, Nyah, and Carson along for the adventure (Carson didn't want to be left out of a fish taco lunch!). It took them about a 1/2 hour to get to the end of the pier with all the fishing gear and get set up. Finally, it was time to cast the lucky line. Ian cast it out and felt a tug instantly. This line was going to be worth that $4. Ian kept reeling and reeling. It was stuck. Aaron helped Ian give the line a sharp tug. As it turned out, the line was stuck on the legs of the pier, there was no fish, and they lost their lucky line. I can only imagine how irritated Aaron must've been. He had to pack the 3 kids and all the fishing gear back up, walk to a tackle store, buy more line and hooks, and head back to the end of the pier to set everything back up! It took over an hour. I am so glad I wasn't along for this one!

"The unlucky caster"

This time, Aaron helped the kids cast it out, and over the next couple of hours, they caught 2 fish!! Nyah's excited screams of, "Look a fish, a fish, we got a fish!" caused much amusement among the locals who were fishing along beside the kids. And of course, as an added bonus, the kids all enjoyed some fish tacos for lunch!

When they met Cali and I back at home (we had enjoyed a relaxing day of shopping in Coronado), the first thing Ian said was, "This was the BEST day of my entire life! We caught 2 fish and I ate TWO FISH TACOS AND FRENCH FRIES!!" It doesn't take much does it?!

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