Saturday, June 6, 2009

Old Town San Diego - Friday (need I say it) in San Diego

We decided to go visit the Whaley House today in Old San Diego. It claims to be one of the most visibly haunted houses in the United States. The kids got a little creeped out as the ladies there talked about the sightings of a small, yipping dog Spirit, a man named Old Jim that had been hung on the property, and of the many orbs with flashing lights that had been felt and seen in the theater room. I must admit that I felt a little creeped out when the lady pointed to our corner of the theater room and said, "No one usually chooses to sit in that corner of the room. People claim to feel darkness over there. It is probably one of the entryways to a portal in time." We soon exited our corner and left the building!!

We walked around Old Town San Diego for hours being badgered by salespeople to buy their wares. The kids loved it! Aaron hated it!

We ended up at The Coyote Cafe where we had the best Mexican food I have ever eaten! The homemade tortillas were to die for! I think I'd drive back to San Diego just to eat there again. Only a 10 hour one way drive for the best food in the world. Who wouldn't do that?! On second thought, maybe I'll just refuse to leave!


Michelle said...

Well if you refuse to leave, then that is only a 5 hour drive from here and we could come visit you. I'd definitly drive 5 hours for the best mexican food in the world. I love mexican food!

henryteachers said...

So fun to see what you've been up to! We love eating Mexican Food in Old Towne San Diego too. It is our favorite thing to do when we visit my sister. Hope it gets more sunny for you while you're there.

Mary Todd said...

Dear Vanessa,

It was interesting that you should be discussing the specters that you encountered on your trip to San Diego. Our neighbors have called the local police on numerous occasions about seeing ghostly sightings walking about our house at 2:00 in the morning. They complained about foul odors and a figure that resembled Jacob Marley staggering around our backyard.

It turns out the ghost was Livingstone sleepwalking and rummaging through the garbage cans. The combination of garbage and his refusal to use deodorant caused quite a stir among the neighbors. The police and neighbors have suggested that we install an invisible dog fence and put the collar on Livingstone instead of our dog Bubbles. What is your opinion on this matter? Thanks,