Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Morning at the Birch Aquarium/La Jolla Caves - Monday in San Diego continued . . .

The kids saved their money for months so they could pay to go to the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. It is supposed to be an amazing aquarium. When we arrive they were jumping out of their skin in anticipation of the tanks full of exotic fish. We walked around for about 40 minutes, enjoying the seahorses, mini sharks, Dora fish, etc . . . Then suddenly, we realized we had reached the end of the aquarium. These were the kids' reactions:

Ian:: "It was really cool, but way too small."
Carson: "I don't know. It was really fun, but there really wasn't anything to do."
Cali: "Not worth the money."
Nyah: "What aquarium?"

The kids were disappointed that there weren't any real sharks this size!
In keeping with the "fishy" theme, Ian packed tuna fish for lunch!

Next on the agenda was a stop at the La Jolla Cave. It is located underneath a shop. You go in and buy souvenirs and then pay the owner to walk down hundreds of stairs to the cave underneath. I think when we get home, I may have the kids start digging a pit in our yard and then charge neighborhood children admission. What a great business idea!


Memzy said...

I love San Diego and La Jolla. But it doesn't ever get REALLY sunny there. But more than anything I can't get over how grown UP Calie looks in these pictures!!!

homegirl said...

You guys just need to move back to Bakersfield!!! You guys are always coming to Cali to visit! :)