Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Arrival in Imperial Beach -Saturday, May 30th

Aaron and I were so excited to find a great price on a condo in Imperial Beach for our vacation to San Diego. We couldn't believe how lucky we were to find a place right on the beach front. As we drove through San Diego, and kept driving South, I started to wonder about our "great deal."

When we pulled into Imperial Beach, CA, my first thought was, "Uh, oh. We're in the hood!" It looked pretty rundown and my cellphone lost connectivity and started roaming. Not a good sign.

Aaron was a little annoyed with me as I muttered things like, "Uh, oh, kids. Look. Those people are doing drugs." "Kids, now don't talk to that man with the scary looking beard and dog." "Carson, I am going to buy you a dog leash so that you can't leave my side while we are here."

When we pulled up to our condominium, however, I was much relieved. It looked newer and had a locked and covered garage where the bearded man with the dog couldn't enter.

It took us a couple of hours to unload the UHaul we rented to carry our week's worth of food, bikes, toys, and suitcases, and then we headed into town to explore. We were back to the condo within an hour as it was getting dark and we felt a little bit safer inside!!

We saw some really cool replicas of actual surfboards on Palm St. before we headed back to the condo!

The kids' bedroom!

This is a gorgeous view of our condo to the left and the Mexican border that can be seen directly south. It is only a 5 mile jog from us! Fish tacos, here I come!!

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The Heaton's said...

You crack me up! Love reading your posts! It looks like a great place! Wow, love the beach picture!