Saturday, November 1, 2008

The "Happy" Pumpkin

We went to Mom’s Chili Cook Off last night before trick-or-treating. Mom’s friend gave her a pumpkin costume to wear to the party, which Mom didn’t want to wear. Mom wanted to be something pretty, so she decided to dress up like Jackie Onassis instead. She realized at the last minute that her friend’s feelings would be hurt because she wasn’t wearing the gorgeous pumpkin outfit, so she guilted me into slipping it on. I felt absolutely ridiculous being introduced to all of Mom’s friends for the first time, as a round pumpkin.
As you can see, Mom looks happy as a clam in her costume. I on the other hand . ..
The kids rated all of the kinds of chili they tried. 5 fingers being the best . . . The winner was . . . something that looked like macaroni goulash.
Ian, the scary clown, ate too many bowls of chili. Luckily, we went outside to trick-or-treat.

The whole clan. Cali finally decided to be a "babydoll" even though she didn't go trick-or-treating. I remember I wasn't allowed to go trick-or-treating when I turned 13. I dressed up as a nurse and stayed home to pass out candy. I was not a happy camper! What is Halloween without a bucket of candy? This year I tried to collect candy along with the kids, but just got a lot of dirty looks. I wonder why? Mommy pumpkins deserve Snickers and Twix too, right?!

Mom is so pleased with her costume choice!

I didn't notice before, but I think I may have had a large booger in my left nostril. Hopefully Mom's friends will just think it was pumpkin pulp and that I was trying really hard to get into the spirit of the costume!

Ian is actually really happy about the chili!

Nyah gave this chili 4 out of 5 stars!

Josh, tried some “chili” that had chunks of chicken in it. This is him before he removed the chicken from his front tooth.
You asked for it, Natalie! Here is the full view of my gorgeous 1 piece costume. Cali calls it my "Pumpkin Turtleneck!" I didn't plan on wearing the costume ahead of time, or I would've made myself a green headdress and painted my face orange. At least then, no one would've recognized me later!


Our Family said...

We need to see a picture of you in your costume not hiding behind your kids to see if you really look "absolutely ridiculous."

I also think you need to start carrying Gas-X in your purse for Ian.


The Heaton's said...

You guys look GREAT! The party looks like it was really fun! Adam enjoyed talking with Aaron while passing out treats!

Our Family said...

Well I don't think you look "absolutely ridiculous" at all. You are a cute pumpkin!! And at least you dressed up. Thanks for adding the picture!
-Natalie :)