Thursday, November 20, 2008

Carson's New Phrase

Carson came home from preschool today, opened his backpack, pulled a receipt out of his bag, and said, "What in the Hally Hack is that?"

I said, "Who did you hear that from Carson? Who says that?"

"No one!"

"Come on, Carson. Did you hear that from a movie or someone at preschool? Who says that?"

"I say it. How about that?!"

Wow!! And all that from a 5-year-old Pilgrim!


Memzy said...

Hey, at least it's the appropriate "mormom" way to say it, right? I'm seeing the glass half full here. ::wink:: Hilarious.

The Heaton's said...

Carson cracks me up!! What a funny boy!!

tina said...

Oh the cute things they say when they are little. Glad to find your blog and talk to you.

Jennifer said...

Love reading about your adorable children! I think my favorite story so far is the conversation you had with Carson about getting married! Too cute! Hope you and the family have a wonderful Turkey Day! Love, Jennifer & Jay :)

amy said... has to be preschool because Mckenzie just started saying "what the heck" all the time. It doesn't sound very good from a 4 yr old does it! I didn't ask you how the concert was. You'll have to tell me about it! :)

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