Sunday, November 2, 2008

At Long Last . . .

A huge miracle occurred in our family today. During church Carson was acting really agitated. He was twiddling with my hair, rolling around on the pew, pacing back and forth, all signs that he needs to go #2! I don't know why he doesn't enjoy going to the bathroom. In fact, he won't even admit that he needs to go. He just suffers for days on end, and then finally, is forced to run to the restroom!

Well, he was driving me bonkers with all of his pacing, so I held his hand and we marched out of the chapel headed towards the infamous restroom. He kept insisting that he didn't need to go, but finally sat down when I threatened him with "Dad!"

He was in the bathroom stall for a couple minutes, when I finally heard him say: "Hey, Mom. Can McKenzie wipe herself?" McKenzie is his 4-year-old friend.

"Yes!" I responded.

It was quiet for another minute. I think he was thinking about the fact that all of his 3 and 4-year-old friends wipe themselves. The next thing I heard was, "Mom, I did it! I wiped myself!"

I was overjoyed. At that exact moment, a woman walked into the restroom. I prayed that Carson was done talking. But, no! "Hey, mom! Can you believe it? I finally wiped a #2! Now I can go to kindergarten."

"Carson, open the door so I can come in and make sure you're clean," I whispered through the door.

"No, Mom. I wiped over and over again until all the poo was gone. All by myself. Aren't you excited?!"

Unfortunately, the woman came out of her stall before I was able to excape with my talented son. I apologized for the poo conversation she'd had to endure. She smiled and simply said, "I enjoyed it!" I know I am going to enjoy every day from now on. No more wiping!!


homegirl said...

You are free at last! :)

Our Family said...

Peer pressure - it can either be a good thing or a bad thing! How funny!!

Melissa said...

yay for Carson! :) We just need to work on that with Jackson... maybe it's a boy thing. I didn't hear him at all behind us, I'm sure my kids always give your family a nice show to watch. :)

henryteachers said...

Go Carson! I bet it feels great to be done with that with all your kids now. That is so funny it clicked for him when he realized Mckenzie could do it. Good for him! By the way, you look fabulous in bright orange!

mfvanvoorhis said...

Go Cars, you da man!!!

The Heaton's said...

I was wondering what that happy scream was about coming from the restroom yesterday! Way to go Carson!! What an achievement! What a funny story! Your posts always crack me up!