Monday, October 20, 2008

Sights of New York City

Cali's first Broadway show!
We are still smiling, even though we consumed enough food to feed a small country!

I think Cali's eyes were bigger than her stomach!

Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is that the biggest plate of Chicken Marsala ever?!

Dad and I before the BEST ITALIAN DINNER EVER!!

Cali and I were doubly prepared for rain: umbrellas and a bridge to hide under. Notice that there is no sign of rain! We carried these umbrellas around all day though -- just in case!!

Caleb has an umbrella and a newspaper to protect Cali from the mouse that we just saw scurry into a hole right beside them. I thought New York was supposed to have rats!!

Every night on our way back to Caleb's apartment, we'd hear the wheels of the NutMan's Cart rolling along on the street right behind us. Pretty freaky! I wonder if the NutMan follows everyone home, or just people from Spanish Fork, Utah?!

Caleb, Cali and I in front of Central Park.

We knew we'd see someone famous! Cali and I ran into Matt Lauer from the Today Show!

Unfortunately, New York has passed a new law which forces businesses to list the caloric intake of all the food products served. I never wanted to know that my sugar cone has 50 calories without any ice cream in it!!

Cali enjoying some ice cream after a 26 mile walk to and from Chinatown!


Memzy said...

Ooooh I am so jealous! I've NEVER been there and I would love to go. Looks like a blast.

homegirl said...

How fun for you two! I love New York, just not enough to live there. It was everything I expected it to be. BTW, I loved the nutman! I think I kept him in bussiness while I was there!

Lohra said...

That's, I just found your comment about the pictures of Kristin and I at her wedding. Please send them!

BushlingX7 said...

Hi Vanessa! It is Marcie Bushling from Lake Isabella. I found your blog from someone in Bakersfields blog. Your family is growing up and they are so cute. Isn't blogging a great way to stay in touch with friends. I loved reading about your family. Tell them all Hi from us.

Vanessa said...

Hi, Marcie!
How's life going? I was so excited to hear from you. Let me know if there is a way I can check out your blog.
Hope you are doing great!!
Ian still talks about Zach and how talented he is at sports! I can't believe Ian can remember. They were what -- four years old?! Keep in touch!

Melissa said...

Your New York trip looks so much fun, and even kind of funny with the China Town story. I've heard of that happening to one of my friends, and they had no idea how they were going to get out either. I think I like living here where everyone talks to each other too. Your family is so cute & I'm so excited to read your blog.