Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ian has a Girlfriend?

Two weeks ago, a mother from school came up to me with a really excited look on her face and said, “Vanessa, I have to tell you something!” She could hardly contain her excitement. “I saw Ian walking home from school yesterday, holding hands with his girlfriend!”

My heart sank. My stomach started swirling around like I’d eaten some bad pork chops or something. “Negative, I’m a Bad Mother” thoughts starting creeping into my head: “Don’t I know my son better than this? Aren’t I in tune enough to know about a love interest before it gets to the stage of HANDHOLDING! Don’t I talk to him enough to know about his special someone?"

“What does she look like?” I questioned the mother. I certainly hoped it wasn’t an older woman. Even worse, I hoped it wasn’t a kindergartner. I didn’t want the girl’s parents to press charges.

The mother answered, “She’s really cute. She’s almost as tall as Ian. When I saw her she had 2 pigtails in her hair. They were holding hands, smiling and talking the whole way home.”

My mind raced. Who could this mystery girl be? Then a thought occurred to me . . . “I think . . . I think that was Ian’s sister, Nyah!”

“No!” the mother replied. “They really looked like they like each other a lot!”

Well, I couldn’t wait to get home and find out if I was right. Was Ian still an innocent 10 year old who still loved his sister more than any other girl at school, or was he really holding hands with some stranger that his dear mother hadn’t even met? That night, I told the kids the story . . . about the SIGHTING of the handholders!

Pretty much in unison, Ian and Nyah both started laughing. “That was Nyah, Mom!” “That was me, Mom!” Oh, I was so relieved. It looks like I won’t have to start searching his backpack for love notes until next year, and I’ll have to store all that lie detector equipment I picked up at Wal Mart for another day.


henryteachers said...

When you wrote that the girl had pig tails, I knew instantly that it was Nyah! They seem to be such great buddies as brother and sister. And I'm sure it was a relief off of you to know Ian has no girlfriend. Looks like you'll have to watch out for Carson on the other hand. :)

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

So funny... that is so cute that they hold hands.

The Heaton's said...

What a funny story!! They are such cute kids!!