Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mental Breakdown 2008 . . . I Mean, Carving Pumpkins with the Family

We always carve pumpkins with the kids about a week before Halloween each year. Every year I wonder, “Why do we do this to ourselves?” Nyah was crying that the pumpkin guts were burning her hands, Ian was wielding the carving knife like a weapon and getting dirty looks from Aaron, Carson was standing on the kitchen table, trying to help, but nearly toppling our antique kitchen table over, and Cali was looking on like, “What kind of family do I belong to?” These are the results of our efforts.

The boys named their pumpkin, Igor.

The girls named their pumpkin, Fred if it’s a boy, and Sue Ellen if it’s a girl. I’m not sure how we check for the private parts on a pumpkin!!

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