Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Teenager In the House!

Nyah's dream birthday celebration included a shopping trip in Salt Lake City and dinner at The Pie, her favorite pizza parlor.  Unfortunately for Nyah, IKEA is on the way to Salt Lake. I had to buy some school supplies for my classroom so we pushed Nyah around the IKEA warehouse for a bit so the birthday girl didn't wear her legs out!
Luckily, there is a 7-Eleven right around the corner from IKEA.  We stopped there for free slushies.  Nyah is so lucky that I gave birth to her on 7/11.  No matter how poor we are, Nyah can always get a free slushie from 7-Eleven on her birthday!

It turns out, none of us really like slushies.  Everyone took a few bites and got the "too sweet dry mouth."  Thank goodness they were free!

We had fun shopping, but the boys and Cali started to get really tired of shopping for Nyah.  We took a break and headed to The Pie!

Pizzas, salads, and cazookies were on the menu!  Nyah blew out a birthday candle we found sitting on the table.

When we got home, we sang to Miss Nyah and she blew out a "real" candle on her piece of Magleby's cake.  The rest of us jealously watched her eat it.

Nyah is one of the sweetest, happiest people I have run into during my lifetime.  The other day, I was teaching Nyah how to make Rice Krispie treats when the following conversation took place:

Nyah:  Mom, I am so glad that you teach me how to cook.  There was this one lady I heard a story about that had to call her mom to find out how to make a baked potato!  Can you believe that?!

Me:  Nyah, that "lady" was me!  Don't you remember?  I'm the one that told you that story!

Nyah laughed for about 20 minutes after that.  She really hadn't remembered that the crazy lady that didn't know how to make a baked potato was her own mother!  I love this girl!  Happy Birthday!

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