Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring Break

"What did you do for Spring Break, Ian?"

"I stayed home and painted my entire house.  It was the worst Spring Break of all time!"

A little background information may be helpful to understand the painting project.  Cali painted a canvas to hang in our kitchen.  The kitchen wall I wanted to hang it on was florescent green.  Not a good match.  So, I decided the family would paint the walls grey.  I've wanted fresh paint for a long time, but there was never a free week available to do the work.  Thus, Spring Break equaled Heber painting project.

I decided we would paint in the mornings and then head out for a family activity each afternoon.  After all, I didn't want to be a tyrant. :)

Ian bought a new fishing pole, his "Ugly Stik", so we headed off to the reservoir for a fishing adventure.

 Carson gave up after a few minutes and took a nap.  No fish were caught by Ian or Nyah.  We did catch a case of the "grumpies" though, so we ended up heading home earlier than expected.  Fun activity #1 was a disaster.
The next "fun" activity was hiking to the "Y" and eating ice cream and french fries at The Creamery in Provo.  This activity was a success; I think because food was involved!

Our third activity was four wheeling with the Rucker family.  Our family is a little behind in the four wheeling department.  I had to be saved three times from certain death.  We all had a blast and are so grateful for patient friends who so graciously shared their toys with us!

 It was Jason's birthday, so we celebrated with Dunedogs (hotdogs eaten at the dunes) and brownies!
Jason taught our kids to start a fire with flint.  I think we are ready for Survivor now!

Even though we had a lot of fun times over Spring Break, all the kids remember is "painting the entire time!" I'm sure when they are adults they will all call and tell me that they've had to pay for years of therapy because of Spring Break 2013.

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