Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cali is a High School Graduate!

Our baby girl graduated from high school on Thursday!  Everyone keeps asking me if I'm sad.  For some reason, I'm not sad at all.  I am so unbelievably proud of her and all of her achievements and feel that she is ready for all that her future holds.  

 When I asked Cali what she wanted for a graduation gift from her grandparents and friends she replied, "I would love money so I can buy a nice camera bag to take to college."
I told Grandpa Markie what Cali had said about needing money, so I was a little bit surprised when Grandpa Markie brought a beautifully wrapped gift over for Cali's graduation (instead of an envelope).  

He said, "Cali, would you like to guess what it is?  I'll give you a clue.  It is something to help with your future occupation."

I could tell Cali was a little bit nervous while opening the box.  What was Grandpa surprising her with?
"Oh, Grandpa.  You shouldn't have!  A camera bag!  And it even has a pocket on the front!"
The bag was a cheap nylon bag.  It was definitely second-hand.  I brushed some dirt off the front for Cali.

"Thanks so much, Grandpa!" Cali said as she laid the bag on the counter.  I saw her pat it once to see if there might be something hiding inside.

Grandpa looked at her with a smile and chuckled, "Open the zipper, Cali!"

Cali was overjoyed to find a card with money inside.  Grandpa Markie is hilarious!  What a trickster.

 We all went to The Spaghetti Factory for dinner before graduation.  It was delicious and we got the lunch special since we ate at 3 p.m.!  Grandma Joannie's bill only came to $1.75.  She got the side salad. Curiously enough, Grandma was the last one at the table even though she ordered the least amount of food.  She asked for extra loaves of free bread to dip in her salad dressing and Ian's leftover side of shredded cheese.  Our family sure knows how to get a bargain!
 We had a BBQ in the backyard with family and neighbors to celebrate Cali.  We had a great time decorating the yard.  Cali is the creative one in the family, so she made her own banner!

 Grandma Sue and Grandpa David came from California for graduation.  They are so wonderful to travel to all the grandkids' events!  They gave Cali an awesome duffel bag for college and some money towards her camera bag.  She was ecstatic!

 We spent about 30 minutes taking photos after graduation.  We wanted to make sure not to miss a single pose or group shot with the "girl of the hour."

We love you, Calz!

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