Sunday, May 12, 2013

School Play, Artwork, Student Council, and Mother's Day

Carson recently performed in his school's short play, "Goodnight, Mr. Hitler."  He was the mayor, and he did a fantastic job remembering his lines.

                       Carson also painted this beautiful picture at school.  It makes me happy!

Ian and Nyah just ran for Student Council.  Nyah's campaign slogan was, "Hi-chews (choose) Nyah!"  If you haven't tried a Hi-chew candy, you haven't lived!  

Ian's slogan was, "Break the tie, Vote Ian Heber!"  He made bow ties out of duct tape for students to wear during his campaign.  I am very proud of them both for going out of their comfort zones.  It is hard for me to talk to people I don't know, so I can't imagine how difficult it is for junior high students.

Nyah was elected as a representative for 8th grade Student Council and Ian was elected as the President for next year.  I think this will be a great growing experience for both of them!

 Dad sent me a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day.  There were so many flowers in the bunch that Nyah and I split them up into multiple jars.  I love them!

Aaron and the kids made me a fabulous omelet for Mother's Day!  Nyah made me a menu to fill out so I could have it made exactly how I like it.  I love my family!


Melissa said...

I didn't realize Ian was the president for next year! How exciting! He & Nyah will both do great!

Lohra said...

Ian's got a great smile now. Looks like all your work with him has paid off!