Sunday, March 31, 2013

Prom and Morp

Creative, Utah prom invitations are fantastically out of this world!  One night a few weeks ago, there was a knock at our front door.  We went to the door and saw a car speeding away.  We then looked at our driveway and saw the outline of a corpse holding a dozen roses and words that read, "I'd die to go to Prom with you."

Ashton, a friend from Draper, invited Cali to his prom.  They went to the arcade with friends, out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, and then journeyed to the dance.  I have no idea how kids have the energy for these all day/night dates.

Next on the agenda was Morp.  I guess it is the opposite of Prom.  It was a jungle theme this year, so Cali put a bunch of bananas in her date's car with a note that read, "I'll go bananas if you go to Morp with me."  Cali and Melanie took their dates on a hike/picnic and then came back to our house to put on their "animal" shirts.  Cali and her date were tigers and Mel and her date were zebras.  (I'm embarrassed to say, but I had to ask the girls what animals they were supposed to be.)  Fun times!

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