Monday, July 9, 2012

He's an EAGLE!!

After months and months and months and months of excruciating work and planning,  Ian finally received his Eagle at the ripe old age of 13.  Grandpa David and Grandpa Markie both felt that this was a wrong done to society.  No boy should be able to reach the height of the Eagle this young . . . "It's just wrong somehow . . . "  Well, guess what?!  I don't know if his mother could've taken one more second of the Eagle process.  It truly is a family affair getting it all accomplished.

Everyone came out to help celebrate the special night.  Grandma Sue and Grandpa David came all the way from California.  Our friend, Louis, had never been invited to "such an affair" in her 80 years, and was thrilled to come.
Davin came all the way from Elkridge!  I think he was mostly there for Cali, but we'll pretend it was for Ian's Eagle.

Brother Belcher attended.  He has been one of Ian's Scout leaders  since Ian was  a Webelo.

This was Ian's photo on the front of his invitations.  Isn't he handsome?!

I made a cake that Ian wouldn't eat.  He is very choosy about desserts.  He will only eat sugar cookies or Oreos.  I figured we needed something shaped like a flag though.  The Barefoot Contessa provided the recipe.  Grandma Sue said it was delicious!  I liked the looks of it, but couldn't try it because of the gluten.

Emmy Lou, Ryan, Brock and Ty all made the trip to Spanish Fork from  Taft, California.  We were so glad they were in town to help us celebrate!

Brother and Sister Tibbs helped Ian every step of the way to his Eagle.  Brother Tibbs has been one of Ian's Scout leaders since Ian was 10 years old.  They both know everything there is to know about Scouts and helped us get the paperwork done.  They are amazing!

Neighbors and friends came to support Ian that night.  James and Lisa gave Ian a platter of shrimp to help him celebrate.  He was very happy.  Very, very happy!!

Grandma Sue and Grandpa David made Ian a BEAUTIFUL quilt.  The back is made out of  minky.  Ian sleeps with it every night.

Ian presented Aaron and I with the Mother's and Father's pins.  Then we sat down to  watch Ian present the Mentor pin.  He had decided to keep the recipient a secret from everyone.  I was kind of nervous to see who he was going to present it to, and what he would say.  Was he going to tell a joke?  Was he going to present it to the family dog?  I had no idea.  Ian stood up and said, "It didn't take me long to decide who to give my Mentor pin to . . . my MOM!  (What?!)  She made 500 sugar cookies for this thing tonight and helped me fill out all of my paperwork.  And . . . well, she gave birth to me."  I had tears in my eyes when he presented it to me.  What a sweetie!  Baking those 500 cookies was worth it after all!

Ian had some great examples of former Eagle Earners who set great examples for him:  Uncle Josh, Uncle Caleb, Uncle Ryan . . .and of course, his Dad.  It was a great night for Ian to shine.  


Reuben Collins said...

SNAP. Did you really make 500 cookies? That's a lot of cookies.

Heidi said...

Great post and great accomplishment! You rock, Vanessa!

Kristin said...

Congratulations, Ian! An Eagle at such a tender age...where to go from here?!