Sunday, April 29, 2012

Soccer, Dance Competition, a Marathon, a broken foot, and last but not least . . . PROM!!

How does a mom do it all?  2 boys with soccer games, a daughter with a dance competition in Salt Lake, a marathon in Salt Lake with a sister and brother, a daughter with a job, and that same daughter with a Prom to attend.  Basically . . . a nightmare of scheduling conflicts!

Ready or not . . . I had received a terrible foot injury earlier in the week that was causing a lot of pain.  I rested and got lots of foot massages from my brother, hoping that it would heal in time to run the Salt Lake City Marathon with my sister, Kristin, and brother, Caleb.  It was Krissy's first marathon, and I wanted to be there to cheer her on.  

I found rides for all the kiddos to their various activities Saturday morning.  I headed to the starting line with Kristin and Caleb, being ginger with my left gimp foot.  I started running.  I felt it give out at about Mile 4.  I limped/walked to Mile 14 where I caught a ride to the finish with our amazing friend, Laura.  I stopped with Laura at Mile 20 to cheer Kristin and Caleb on.  I stood there with my race number on my shirt, cheering the runners on.  It was the best moment of my life.  All the runners that ran by thought that I had already finished/won the race and come back to cheer on everyone else.  Wow!  That was the closest I will ever come to feeling like a winner! :)

Kristin and Caleb finished the race with flying colors.  They got a medal.  I did not.  I was an 
UN- FINISHER!  I hopped around the finish area on one foot with a bag of ice strapped to my ankle.  We didn't get much of a chance to relax after the race, because we had to head off to Nyah's dance competition, and then run Ian to his soccer game.

We didn't head for home after all that.  Next, I hopped over to Salem Pond where Prom pictures were being taken.  Aaron took pictures of Cali, her date, and the rest of the crew.  Cali looked beautiful.  I tried to stay in the background with my embarrassing gimp foot.

Next, we hopped into the high school to see Promenade (where all the couples walk out on stage so that the parents can see their beautiful children, before the kids head off to dinner/Prom).  

I hopped home, borrowed a pair of crutches, stubbed my toe, stabbed myself in the arm with a knife and had a mental breakdown with lots of tears.  My dear son, Ian, looked at me and said, "Mom, why are you crying?  You did this to yourself.  You OVERDID it!"  Truth hurts.  Next, my same son, Ian, said, "Mom.  Did I hear you say you aren't going to church tomorrow?  Sister ______ went to church every Sunday . . . the whole time she had cancer." I started crying even harder.

Nyah turned to Ian and said, "Ian.  You need to go to bed.  You are making things so much worse."

Ian proceeded to tear up, exclaiming, "This is why I don't have any friends.  I never say the right things!"  He ran downstairs to bed.  I hopped after him with my crutches.  I hopped too fast, tripped on the crutches, re injured my foot, consoled Ian, consoled Carson who also started crying because of all the hubbub . . .  

I looked around the room at my 3 youngest children.  "This is so sad.  We are all sitting here crying and upset."

Nyah looked at me with a smile on her face and said, "I'm not crying, Mom.  I'm not sad at all!  I'm really happy!"  She is always a bright ray of sunshine no matter what the situation.

This day taught me a couple of things:
1) Truth hurts.
2) There is such a thing as trying to cram too much into a day.
3) My kids are amazing.
4) You should not run on an injured foot, no matter what!

I found out the next day that my foot was not broken.
I found out 3 days later that I have Peroneal Tendonitis.
I cannot run, but I can walk now.  Life is good.



Reuben Collins said...

Did you ever see that movie from 1999 called "She's all that"? Rachel Leigh Cook plays the girl who gets a makover, but all they really do is take off her hipster glasses (but this was before anyone called them hipster glasses). All of a sudden everyone realizes she's a really beautiful young woman. Nobody noticed before because of the overpowering glasses.

Anyway, that doesn't have anything to do with this post, I'm just saying it was a good movie is all.

Hope the foot heals fast.

Kristin said...

I'm glad to hear you have a diagnosis for your foot injury. It was fun to be part of your super crazy day. I hope you are able to heal soon! Love you!

Peanut M&Ms said...

Hi, Ness! Hope you're feeling better! Cali looked so beautiful for prom. Your kids are so sweet...can't wait to see them in Nauvoo! Maybe Ian and I can commiserate about the friends, or lack thereof, as we walk around the cobblestone streets of Old Nauvoo! so...when is the next family marathon? maybe I should start training! that would be so fun if we were all in good enough shape to run one!! hope we can talk again soon! love ya! Meg

Lohra said...

Oh geez. What a day! Did Caleb start crying at some point that day too? Marathons take it out of you. So I've observed. Peroneal tendonitis sounds just as bad as a stress fracture. Glad you know what it is!