Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference Activities

General Conference Sunday is a really fun day at our house. Not only do we get to hear amazing talks from President Monson and our other church leaders, but we also find all sorts of activities to keep us ALERT throughout. Here are a few examples:

Coloring projects, henna hair dye, back scratches . . .

Back massages. Our family is obviously great at multi-tasking!

Paint the boys fingernails.

Eat LOTS of breakfast casserole, french toast, and fruit!

Celebrate the boys' new jobs with Dairy Queen ice cream cake, compliments of Mom.

Take a "Wedding Shot" of Caleb and Josh cutting their cake together.

Take even creepier "Wedding Pictures" of Caleb feeding Josh a piece of cake and vice versa. These should definitely be filed under Awkward Family Photos on-line.

Our day has been jam-packed with adventures. In fact, it's been such a full day, that we are ready for bed even though it is only 5 p.m. right now. The adults are ready to tuck the kids into bed. Unfortunately, the kids can tell time and know we have at least 3 more hours together. What a fabulous day!!

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