Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet "16"

For Cali's "Sweet 16" I decided to do a "Girls' Day Out"!!
The day started with lunch at Cali's restaurant choice, "Zupas".

Next, we headed to a salon for a surprise makeover: hair, eyebrows, and toes!

"The Chocolate," a yummy dessert cafe was next on the list: a chocolate chip cookie for Cali and a cream cheese brownie for Nyah. They had a sweet potato as their gluten-free option, but I decided to pass. Didn't sound like a real dessert to me!

After stuffing our faces, we headed to DI to look for some vintage clothes for a photo shoot. Here we have some "vintage" booty pants:

Here they are "rockin' out"!

This is a "sassy" shot:

And last, but not least, Nyah's finest moment of the day:

The girls bought a few clothing items for their "vintage photo shoot" they planned to do the following day. They decided to look for a couple of props. And what do you know? This is what they found!

No. Your eyes are not tricking you. We found a messed up carousel horse for the bargain price of $5. The cashier looked at me very strangely as he rang up my order. "I bet you are wondering what we are going to do with this horse, aren't you?!" I laughed. He just stared at me as I lugged it out of the store.

Little did I know that I would win the "Mother of the Year Award" because of a $5 horse purchased at DI. Best Day Ever!!

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