Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to School . . . Again!

Every year we go through the same routine sometime in August. First, we visit an insane asylum called the mall. Spend most of our money on school clothes. Register our kids for school. Spend the rest of our money. Then we wake up one day sometime in August or September to shove lunch into a paper bag and put on our newest outfits. Smile for a picture. Head out the door. Do homework. Race around to music lessons and sports games.
Wouldn't it be funny to shake things up a bit this school year? Put on your oldest, most unflattering outfit for the first day of school. Refuse to smile for the 1st day of school picture. Don't send the registration money into school, just to see what happens. Take a frozen, uncooked chicken breast to the lunchroom and ask the lunch lady to cook it for you because "that is the only thing we have at home left to eat", go to your piano lesson and lay your head down on the keys and start to cry, stand on the soccer field and watch every ball fly past you refusing to move even when the coach screams your name 100 times. What would people do?
Maybe we'll try that next year . . .

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