Sunday, October 13, 2013

Off to College

This was one of the hardest days of my life.  Saying "goodbye" to my eldest . . .

We loaded the Pathfinder up to the brim with Cali's clothing collection.  Before we drove to Utah State, we had to make a pitstop in Salt Lake to watch Carson play in a soccer tournament.

Carson, Ian, and Aaron had to stay in Salt Lake to play another game.  Nyah, Cali, and I drove to Logan, shopped at WalMart for much needed apartment items, and then carried every single item that Cali owns up 3 stairwells to her unairconditioned broiling hot apartment.  I had sweat dripping from every inch of my body.  It was disgusting.  The boys showed up just in time for photos.
It was heart wrenching to see the girls walking side-by-side . . . one last time.
Ian spent hundreds of hours learning to make a quilt.  He made the quilt for his sister, Cali  It was the best going away present in the universe!

Luckily, Cali is only a couple of hours away, but oh, how I miss my girl!

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