Monday, June 3, 2013

Yet Another Day In Yellowstone!

 Cali and I started the day out with a run up and down the highway.  It was the only place to run without worry of being attacked by bison.  We were still nervous due to this beautiful sign posted by the road.  Fortunately, the scariest wildlife on the road that day was me!
The thought of another day of aimlessly driving through Yellowstone looking for bears was not exciting for any of us.  Luckily, Aaron had planned our adventures for the day.  The kids and I made a pact to not complain EVEN ONCE the whole day.
 We stopped off at some beautiful waterfalls and made some funny faces.  It was cold, but we didn't complain!

We saw LOTS and LOTS of stinky geysers.  We walked through one steamy section where I actually felt like I was eating fried eggs!  It was gross, but I didn't complain!

We looked at some BACTERIA MATS that made me feel like vomiting.  Some previous Yellowstone visitors had ignored the signs that read, "Do not write on bacteria mats."  I found one section of bacteria that said, "Joan!"  I showed my mom and she pointed out that it actually read, "Juan!"  Close enough!
Lucky for us, we got to see about 1,000 more bison.  No bears, but lots and lots of bison.  We were all sick of bison, but we DIDN'T COMPLAIN!! Our positive attitudes about spending yet another day in beautiful Yellowstone really paid off.  It ended up being a very enjoyable day.  Plus, we went back to the cabin and ate a 1/2 gallon of ice cream to congratulate ourselves for our great behavior. :)

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Peanut M&Ms said...

Thanks for sharing your positive attitude! ha ha! The bacteria mats and stinky geysers sound like they could have the potential to put people in a bad glad that didn't happen to you! hee hee!