Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Day In Yellowstone

I woke up Thursday morning for my run. I realized that my body does not run well in Gardiner, Montana. It was the worst run of my life.

To cheer myself up, I climbed a tree to escape a pretend bear.

The rest of the day in Yellowstone was filled with LOTS of complaining.
 "Not more buffalo!" the kids moaned.

"Not another picture with an elk!" I complained.
"I want to see a bear!" Ian said.
"Me too!" Carson pleaded.
"There are some bears!" Aaron announced proudly.
"Where?" Carson asked.
"You mean those little black dots way up on the mountain?" Nyah asked.
We returned to the cabin four hours later, feeling tired and grouchy. Aaron was disgusted with our lack of excitement over the buffalo.
It was still cold outside. What were we going to do? It was only 3 o'clock. We couldn't start watching movies yet.
I grabbed my little hand-held pepper spray and forced everyone out the door for a walk/hike. We found some horses and everyone perked up.

What in the world are we going to do to entertain ourselves tomorrow?!
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