Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Best Birthday Dress I Never Received!

39 years old!  How did this happen?!

Dad took me out a week ago for a little "pre-birthday" celebration.  He treated me to a lettuce wrapped burger at Red Robins and some new birthday pants.  It was a wonderful day.  Memories were made.  Laughs were shared.

Yesterday, Mom took me out for some thrift shopping (our favorite) and a lettuce wrapped burger (notice a theme here) at Johnny Rockets at the new Outlet Mall.  It was my first time going to Johnny Rockets.  I literally inhaled the cheeseburger.
The peanut butter/chocolate shake was HEAVEN.  I don't think I stopped to breathe!  One sip and it was gone.
Mom found this polka-dot dress at the Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet store.  Though it was $119, she told me I should still try it on.  I donned the dress, mom took a photo, and then I said, "Mom, there is no way you are spending $119+tax on a dress for me."  I shut the door, and started to take the dress off, secretly hoping Mom would sneak up to the register to purchase the dress.  Ha!  Then, I heard Mom talking to the saleslady outside the door.

Saleslady to Mom:  Can I help you with anything?
Mom:  No, thank you.  My daughter tried on some of your dresses, but this store is totally out of our price range.  Can you believe it?  $119 for one dress?!
Saleslady:  Oh. (I heard the saleslady quickly shuffle away.)

I came out with the dresses I'd tried on.  Mom and I chuckled the whole way out of the store.  I love my mom's honesty!

I arrived home from a full day of shopping to a very HUNGRY husband.  He had NOT been treated to a cheeseburger OR a shake.  He wanted to go to GOODWOOD (a barbecue restaurant) for some more birthday celebrating.  I eat meat, but only if it is burnt and does not resemble an animal.  Watching him eat this bloody prime rib dipped in horseradish was a perfect way to end the day! (note my sarcasm)
When I think of my 39th birthday, I am not going to remember this bloody carcass.  What I AM going to remember is that polka-dotted dress that I tried on and did not buy.  It is the best birthday present I NEVER received!

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