Sunday, January 13, 2013

Breaking Traditions

     Traditionally Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 3rd Thursday of November with a turkey, stuffing, and potatoes. The Heber/VanVoorhis family does things a bit differently.  We decided to celebrate on Wednesday with tri-tip, hasselback potatoes, and a salad bar.  Hey . . . if you are going to break tradition, you might as well do it big!   Caleb came down from Park City to celebrate with us.  Everyone LOVES Uncle Caleb.
       Emmy Lou, Ryan, Brock and Ty were in town from California.  We were SO excited that they could break tradition with us!
Thursday (the REAL Thanksgiving), we continued our strange behavior.  We went to a matinee of Here Comes the Boom.  Hilarious movie!
When we got home from the show, we ate leftovers and headed off to the mountains for a family hike.  The rest of the family (everyone but me) wanted to stay home and watch TV, but I insisted on heading up Diamond Fork Canyon to hike up the Red Cliffs.  Everyone complained.  As usual, I WAS RIGHT and we all had a fabulous time!
I was freaked out the whole time that one of the kids would fall off a cliff.
Posing for Dad!
More posing!
Some kissing!
Karate Kiddin'!
2 Cute Girls Relaxin'!
Back to Nature.  

Breaking traditions is actually a lot of fun!  Wait till you hear about all the Christmas traditions we decided to forego this year. :)

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