Saturday, December 22, 2012

The End of The World Christmas Celebration

Knowing that we may not live to see another day, we decided to go ahead and celebrate Christmas early (the real reason for the early celebration was...we couldn't fit the kids' presents in the car for our trip to California. That's a lame excuse for an early Christmas though! We thought it would be a much better story to tell the kids they'd better open them on December 21st since the Mayan calendar ended and life as they know it may end as well!) Aren't we great parents?!

The kids drew names this year for our sibling/parent gift exchange. We tried to keep who we were buying a present for a secret. Some of the kids didn't quite get the secret keeping process. For example, Ian drew Cali's name. He bought her socks and vintage bows. He wrapped them up and made a tag that said, "To: Cali, From: Ian." It was supposed to say, "To: Cali, From: ?" Cali was supposed to guess who it was from. Obviously, the guessing part didn't happen.

Well, Little Miss Nyah got even more confused about the Secret Pal present. She bought a present for her dad; a gift card to Whichwich (his favorite sandwich shop). She wrapped it up and put a tag on it that said: "To:?, From: Nyah." She was just a little confused.

The gifts from Santa were a hit. Cali and Ian's big present was a snowboarding pass. Nyah talked Carson into asking Santa for a new dog. (Biscuit hasn't died yet, but the kids have always wanted a dog that moves around and plays, so that's what they got!)

Each child also received a new book, except for Nyah who received a Kindle. Nyah opened hers last. When she saw that it was a Kindle and not a book, she yelled, "Ha, ha, Suckers!" What an unglamorous thing to say! What a rude thing to do! (It was awfully funny though!)

Ian has been really into wearing sweats lately. Not stylish, but very comfortable! I thought I'd try to save some money on his gift. I bought him 2 pairs of sweats at Kmart for $3.99 a piece. Bargain, right?! When he held them up for us to see, he pointed out a strange pouch of material in the crotch area. "Is this a butt hole or a nut hole?" I have no idea what he was talking about, but I couldn't stop laughing!

Carson guessed each one of his gifts before opening it. "I know I will love riding this during the summer!"
He opened it. "Yep, it's a scooter!"
"I know these will keep my feet warm!"
"Yep, it's socks!"
That's how it goes with my boys. There is no magic or mystery!:)

Cali got a harmonica and a "headgear" so she can play it while she is playing her ukulele. She did not make any rude or inappropriate comments during present opening.
It was a fabulous Christmas celebration! I love my family!

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Reuben Collins said...

Two thoughts:
1. The boy will want to learn the difference between butt holes and nut holes. That is not the sort of thing you want to figure out on accident.

2. I like that it is noteworthy when one member of the family does not say something inappropriate.