Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Morning

I got to stay in bed this morning while Aaron and the kids worked on breakfast upstairs.

Nyah brought down a menu so I could place my order!
The omelet looked gorgeous.  I didn't notice, but when I held up the plate for a photo, a piece of avocado slipped off.

Carson made me a gorgeous photo book and coupons at school.  When I saw the coupons he said, "I hate that coupon book!  I don't want to dust the whole house or take out the garbage!"
Dad sent me a beautiful arrangement of flowers.  They have made me happy all weekend!
The kids gave Aaron and I hot rock massages after breakfast!  I am not including a photo.  You are welcome!  Happy Mother's Day morning!


Pat said...

Great that Aaron managed to include himself in the receiving of Mother's day gifts!

Aaron said...

There has to be a way to ban gender-undeclareds from this blog...