Thursday, October 6, 2011

Food News

I had a thorough food allergy blood test done a couple of weeks ago to see why my body is such a wreck. My results are back. I am now not only a "Silly Yak", but am allergic to the following foods as well:

Oranges, white rice, corn sugar, corn syrup, turkey, alfalfa, and cayenne pepper!

Let me tell you what this means for me:

1) For breakfast everyday I eat Cinnamon Chex. It is made with white rice. I can no longer eat breakfast!
2) For lunch everyday I eat a turkey sandwich on gluten free bread. I am allergic to both the turkey and the bread which is made with white rice. I can no longer eat lunch.
3) For a snack, I love to have Cool Ranch Doritos. They have corn syrup solids in them. I can no longer have a snack.
4) For dinner most days, I have chicken over white rice. I can no longer eat the rice.
5) For dessert, I love to have a Snickers bar. Gluten free. I looked at the package yesterday. Snickers contain corn syrup. I can no longer have dessert.
6) The worst news of all, I can no longer sprinkle cayenne pepper over my food. (that was a joke!)

Basically, my life, as I know it, is over. For six months I have to rid my diet of all of the "allergy" foods. Hopefully, my face will clear up, my immune system will get stronger, and my potty problems will be a thing of the past. Only problem . . . I have NO IDEA what I am going to eat. Here's what my eating plan is for today:

This morning I had cheesy eggs for breakfast. I was gagging. I hate eggs.
I have an exciting lunch planned. Apples dipped in peanut butter and a protein shake.
I have an even more exciting dinner planned. Ham and cheese wrapped in lettuce.
This is going to be fun!!


Dainon said...

You poor kid... No corn, no rice, no wheat. But I have some great news for you. There isn't any of those things in my primary fuel source.. Diet Mt. Dew! Come on over.. I'll order us a keg!

Lera said...

Yikes, that is really rough. So sorry Vanessa!

bryan said...

Hello. That's bad news about the allergies. You'll probably have to eat a large quantity of bacon wrapped meats. Also, broccoli.

The Everyday Housewife said...

Dainon, I definitely need a keg of something after that news!
Lera, thanks for feeling bad for me! It helps knowing people are in my corner! :)
Bryan, can you PLEEEASE find a cure for me during your residency?! Somehow, I don't think I'll do well with bacon wrapped meats. or broccoli . . .

Kristin said...

I have been anxiously anticipating your allergy results! What terrible news. Ugh.

London said...

My mother-in-law also found out she had many more intolerances including rice. She said that's been harder to tolerate than finding out she had celiac disease. I hope that you'll be feeling better soon. I always make her cheesecake cupcakes. I'll have to give you the recipe.